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Braintree 2004 Exhibition
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Exhibition View
Exhibition View 2
Exhibition View 3
Ann Brown - Spanish Islands - Fuerte
Ann Brown - Spanish Islands -Ses Solinas
Chris Bojan - China Tea
Chris Bojan - Shoe Box
Chris Bojan - Tree of Life
Chris Bonnett - Dolly Mixtures I
Chris Bonnett - Dolly Mixtures II
Chris Bonnett - Dolly Mixtures III
Chris Bonnett - Time goes by
Chris Bonnett - Wild Welly & Janet McKee - Sole Daisy
Chris Bonnett - Wings on her heels
Dolls on Display
Dot Reed - Jasmine, Lotus Bud and Tiger Lily
Dot Reed - Watch the birdie - View 2
Dot Reed - Watch the birdie - View 1
Elizabeth Nicholls - Elizabethan Lace & Elizabethan Rose
Eileen Beales - Enamelled Tower & Byzantine Enamel
Eileen Beales - Francesca and Fish
Eileen Beales - Rosetta and curtain
Eileen Beales - Give us a Kiss
Irene Martin - Kimono II & III
Irene Martin - Peony
Irene Martin - The Blue Hare
Janet McKee - Daisy Daisy & Silken Corn
Karen Ives - Daughter of Pearl
Karen Ives - If their souls were free
Karen Ives - Loves me, loves me not
Karen Ives - Permanent wave
Margaret Adams - Evening Sunflowers A, B & C
Wendy Greene - Aliums in my garden
Wendy Greene - Over the top at Chelsea I & II
Wendy Greene - Stitching drove her crazy
Zoe Cox - Bleeding Heart
Zoe Cox - Purple Haze
Zoe Cox - Rambling Rose
Zoe Cox - Gilded Rose
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