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Hyde Hall 2022 Hyde Hall Exhibition Set-up and Day 1
Please "click" on any 'thumbnail' image to see an enlarged image and start a slide show of all images.
During the slideshow, please use the controls at the foot of each image to pause the slides, move to the next, or previous, slide or return to the index page of all the 'thumbnails'.
Ironing out the Wrinkles Tabatha Dot Karen Wendy
Setting Up Sheila Dot Tabatha Wendy Karen
Alan Hanging Walks with a Red Dog
Setting Up Raised Bed Sheila Jane 1
Setting Up Raised Bed Sheila Jane 2
Setting Up Raised Bed Sharne Jane
Setting Up Lunch Break Sharne Jane Alan Dot Sheila Tabatha Elizabeth
Raised Bed Complete
Raised Bed through the Window
Exhibition View Completed
Bogof Toilet Rolls Completed
Shop Completed Main Section
Shop Completed Section 2
Works - Left Hand Side
Works Chris Bonnett
Works Dot
Works Jane
Works Karen
Works Rita
Works Sheila
Works Tabatha
Works Wendy I
Works Wendy II
Works Yvonne
Works Chris Bojan & Eileen
Works Eileen
Works Elizabeth
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