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Knit & Stitch Visitors to OTT Stand
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London - Admiring the Art work
London - No Photography - you can't mean me
London - Now which cards shall I buy
London - Shall I buy the book or the card or this folio
Dublin - admiring the artwork
Dublin - admiring the Folio
Dublin - Crowded Out
Dublin - Everybody likes the Shelf Life
Dublin - it makes us laugh
Dublin - Now which one is this
Dublin - Strong Colours
Harrogate Crowded Out 1
Harrogate The Book is tremendous value
Harrogate Overheard attracts the passers-by
Harrogate Crowded Out 2
Harrogate Truly Curiouser and curiouser
Harrogate Shelf Life - a Centre of Attraction
Harrogate Shelf Life - Now which Item goes with which Title
London - No Photography - you can't mean me 2
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