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Rita Johnson
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Song of Solomon
In Your Pocket
Daisy Work
Tulip Trio
Hold My Hand
Hand In Hand I
Hand in Hand II
Hand in Hand III
Flights of Fancy
In The Dance
Garden sketchbook 1
Garden sketchbook 2
Garden sketchbook 3
Garden sketchbook 4
Garden sketchbook 5
Henrietta Hen
TLC for the pond
TLC in the flower beds
Washed Up (detail)
Do You Get My Drift (close-up)
Do You Get My Drift
Live Wire
Saxappeal II
Knit Stitch - Saxaflowerne
Knit Stitch - Saxaflowerne (Detail 1)
Knit Stitch - Saxaflowerne (Detail 2)
Knit Stitch - Saxappeal
Knit Stitch - Sexophone
Knit Stitch - Saxtet
Knit Stitch - Saxtet (Detail)
Shelf Life - Eye-Pod
Shelf Life - Eye-Pod Detail
tree bark
pleating & folding 2
Coloured Blackwork
Indian Market
Poppy Heads
Poppy Field
Fractured pod
Gossamer head
Five into one
Seed pod
Fragile pod
Skeletal pod
Body Language
Indian Archways I
Indian Archways II
Indian Woman
Chenille Figure
Bowl 3
Drifter (Detail 1)
Drifter (Detail 2)
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