02 Textiles

"Hanging by a thread"
at the
Braintree Art Gallery

Planning for this exhibition started in early 2005, when the theme was agreed as "Hanging by a Thread". It was agreed that is each member would have up to four major pieces (flexible according to need and space etc), and that all efforts would be made to keep our image colourful and OTT.

Since the "dolls" project at the previous exhibition was such a success, it was agreed to have a similar project for the 2006 exhibition. Each member gave their ideas for the project, and from these ideas a shortlist of three was chosen – a bag, a kite or another doll.
The majority voted for a kite, which should keep the humour and colour which characterised the "dolls" project.
Ideas for the theme of the kites were Zodiac, months, celebrities, Chinese years, countries, weather, flowers, and Shakespeare from which a final decision was made in favour of a famous personality or Character. All kites would be the same shape with a maximum size of approx. 29” x 17 “.
The Characters for the Kites were:


Gertrude Jekyll


Queen Elizabeth 1st

Chris Bojan

Van Gogh

Chris Bonnett

Ann Summers




William de Morgan


‘The only Gay in the village’


Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen


Zandra Rhodes


Beryl Cook


Elton John



The show was another great success, with visitors and sales 50% up on the 2004 exhibition.

Location of the Gallery

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View of the Exhibition

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Samples from the Kites