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Elizabeth Nicholls

Please click on the Photo of one of Liz's pieces below to see images of her work Sample of Liz's work - 'Is it a door or not?'

"Is it a door or not?"

Liz has completed the City and Guild’s, Creative Embroidery Parts 1 and 2.  She is a founder member of 02 Textiles (OTT).

For many years she owned the embroidery supplier ‘Threads ‘n’ Things@ and also taught Book Structures undertaking commissions to make books for special occasions. But in 2010 shedecided to sell the business and to concentrate on her own work. In that same year, to help her develop and push her creativity, she started the Julia Caprara ‘Embroidered Textiles’ degree course but unfortunately the company went into liquidation in 2011 and she was unable to complete the course.

Despite this setback Liz has decided to develop her interest in mixed media. At present she is layering fabric, paper, paint, writing and stitch but she also has an interest in hand printing techniques which she wants to develop further and hopefully include in future work.

Liz also has work included in Gwen Hedley’s book ‘Drawn to Stitch’.

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